November 26, 2017: A Cinematic Balm for Your Heart

November 26, 2017: A Cinematic Balm for Your Heart

Dear Friends & Allies,

If you’ve been salivating for a beautiful work of art that also functions as a tool for personal and societal transformation, I’m happy to report that after four long years, Whisper Rapture has been completely filmed and edited! And we’d appreciate your help putting the final spit and shine on it by contributing to our Indiegogo campaign.

Whisper Rapture is a visionary documentary that addresses mental health issues through the universal language of music. It conveys a hopeful message about personal resilience and the capacity for the human spirit to endure. Offering new language for how we think and speak about emotional distress, this cinematic rhapsody will open minds, spark conversations, and invoke tears.

Please note that each perk level includes all of our exquisitely unique thank you gifts from each of the prior donation levels!

And if you can’t contribute financially, that’s okay. You can also help out by sharing our campaign link on your favorite social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter.

‘Cure’ is at the root of ‘curious’.

So if you’re curious to learn more about Bonfire Madigan Shive’s story of trauma, transcendence, and redemption—and just what the heck a doc-opera is—please check out our Indiegogo campaign, as well as the blog entries below. I believe you’ll find the May 25 & 27 blog entries particularly illuminating.

With gratitude, Ken