December 8, 2017: Fresh Feedback on the 99% Complete Version of Whisper Rapture

December 8, 2017: Fresh Feedback on the 99% Complete Version of Whisper Rapture

After four years of waking, walking, breathing and dreaming nothing but Whispers & Raptures, I’m too close to the film to view it objectively. I can wield and witness the power of a single frame without batting an eye while editing. But I honestly cannot discern if the current, 99% complete version of Whisper Rapture measures up to the sum of its parts. So I’ve been previewing it for a handful of friends and colleagues, from artists to mental health professionals to documentarians, even a scientist who confessed to not understanding how to watch a film and never listening to music! And one and all have been ecstatically effusive in their praise.

One of the most complimentary pieces of feedback is from Joe Behan, the Director of the Counseling Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago:

You’ve done it again, Ken! Absolutely brilliant!! Crooked Beauty was so perfect that I was cautiously optimistic going into this viewing. I loved that film’s intellectual precision and gravity and just had never seen anything like it. But Whisper Rapture takes off from there and recaptures what was essential about Crooked Beauty and expands on it. I found it more deeply moving and emotional, certainly because the music has so much power but also because the images are so rich and soaked in color. And there is something so fascinating with what you do with these brilliant women subjects, capturing their essence and gifts. I’ll be thinking about this for awhile. Having done it once was special and unique, but twice is kind of profound. Bravo!! – Joe Behan

More praise:

Really beautiful narrative and music (Holy Shit, she’s good!) and rich, vivid images telling such a strong story of love and madness and hurt and pain and faith and hope and redemption and balance and life. This film will really help people trying to understand and accept people, places, and things that are different and scary but ultimately transformative—a greatly unique yet surprisingly universal big open story. It’s really a comfort. It’s like Koyaanisqatsi version 2, but with more heart and soul. – Kevin

Sensational. Hypnotic. What a unique story. Poetic, sensual and deeply meaningful. Her music is very satisfying and inspiring. Puts you into a spiritual space. – Dan

Whisper Rapture is a diamond.
– David

The visuals were so interactive. I felt the music through my eyes. – Liza

A powerful work to help us elucidate the truth about mental health, trauma, and redemption. Captures ethereal moments in time, with lighting and nuance that is sensual, sometimes stark, and disruptively beautiful. – Imei

Thank you all for being part of this community that is nurturing Whisper Rapture to its fully realized form.

Love, Ken
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