December 5, 2017: A Vessel of Emotional Dialogue

December 5, 2017: A Vessel of Emotional Dialogue

“A vessel of emotional dialogue” is how Bonfire Madigan Shive refers to her cello and she could just as well be talking about Whisper Rapture.

“So you’ve become more than where you came from. I wish that I could meet the forest where my cello came from and thank the trees that are still there.”

These sentiments wrap up the chapter in Whisper Rapture where Madigan describes the multi-dimensional relationship she has with her instrument. And if you’d like to see how I’ve visualized her song, Slip, which follows this chapter…

I’m thrilled to offer Slip–as seen and heard in the completed film–as a thank you gift to anyone who contributes any amount to our Indiegogo campaign during this week! This visually lush segment of the film, coupled with Madigan’s soaring vocals truly puts the ‘opera’ in ‘doc-opera’. I’ll send you a password-protected link to this cinematic rhapsody within several hours of receiving your donation.

Everyone who has already donated will also be sent this very exclusive short-term perk. Please note that this is a one-time preview, and the link will only be accessible until Monday, December 11. Visit our campaign page for more exquisitely unique gifts!

And if you feel inspired by a music and mental health documentary that will:

  • Convey a hopeful message about personal resilience and the capacity for the human spirit to endure
  • Offer new language for how we think and speak about emotional distress
  • Open minds, spark conversations, and invoke tears…

…please share our Indiegogo campaign link on your favorite social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter.

Many thanks, Ken