The Whisper Rapture Music and Madness Revue will feature screenings of the completed 38-minute film and live cello performances by Bonfire Madigan Shive. We look forward to visiting music and film audiences, mental health consumers, and the general public in a variety of venues, stages, and settings, internationally. Our symphony of song and cinema offers new maps for navigating the intertwined threads of music, madness, and creativity with insight, healing, and hope.

Please contact us today to book advance screening presentations, performances, and interviews at:

  • Music clubs, theaters, and concert halls
  • Music and performance festivals
  • Music, mental health, documentary, and general film festivals
  • Music and mental health symposiums
  • University and high school music, psychology, cinema and art departments
  • Campus counseling centers
  • Mental health community centers, clinics, hospitals
  • County jails
  • Independent bookstores, Icarus Project chapters, activist collectives
  • Radio and podcast interviews

Ken Paul Rosenthal, Director & Distributor
Whisper Rapture: A Bonfire Madigan Suite
Mad Dance: A Mental Health Film Trilogy