Bonfire Madigan Shive is a virtuoso musician, composer, and performer whose music is “built on the soul of the blues, the riot of punk, the playfulness of burlesque, and the sophistication of the orchestra pit.” Starting on cello at the age of nine, Madigan began her composing career at fifteen in the Pacific Northwest Riot Grrrl scene releasing music with seminal independent record labels K and Kill Rock Stars and then creating her own artist run label, Moonpuss Music. She has been referred to as the “bastard child of Bjork and Tom Waits,” the “Bruce Springsteen of chamber punk,” and has collaborated with numerous influential musicians such as: Elliot Smith, Cat Power, and Jolie Holland. Madigan is a contributing author to the anthology, Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction, and a founding collective member of The Icarus Project, a progressive, peer led mental health community and support network.
An electrifying, one-woman heavenly choir. – San Francisco Chronicle

Equal parts feminist polemics, civil disobedience, and raw poetic power…and she plays a mean cello, too. – Village Voice

She can build a skyscraper of sound with a full-bodied fortissimo and then knock it into dust in one breath. – Gabe Meline, Bohemian.com


Ken Paul Rosenthal is a cinema artist and mental health advocate whose current work explores the geography of madness through the regenerative power of nature, urban landscapes, home movies, and archival footage from social hygiene films. His films are visually sensual, emotionally intelligent works of art that also function as tools for personal and societal transformation. Ken’s Mad Dance: A Mental Health Film Trilogy, has collectively won nineteen awards, screened in fifty-eight film festivals, and been presented in person at dozens of peer support networks, universities, mental health symposia and community events worldwide. Incorporating the music of Zoe Keating, Monteith McCollum, and Bonfire Madigan Shive, these films have been reviewed as:

That rare cinematic feat that combines ineffably compelling artistry, poetics, and visual beauty with compassion, daring, and heartfelt sense of purpose.
– Alan Berliner, filmmaker, First Cousin Once Removed

Enthralling, sophisticated, and deeply moving.
– Sam Green, filmmaker, The Weather Underground

Mesmerizing works of art with the transformative powers of a great poem.
– Robert Whitaker, author, Mad in America